Stop Mining For Nothing

What is GPUnion?

GPUnion is a decentralized cloud computing platform. Built on blockchain, GPUnion aims to save the large amounts of computing resources that used to be wasted on mining, and to offer satisfying peer-to-peer computing power trading experiences. Instead of mining random hash values, resources in GPUnion ecosystem empowers modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, scientific computing, deep learning, etc. GUT(GPUnion Token) is used as the digital currency among GPUnion ecosystem to settle payments between providers and customers.


Compared to other cloud computing platform, GPUnion provides reliable GPU resources at a much more affordable price.


With sophisticated rating and fraud detecting algorithm, GPUnion provides a two-way symmetrical process in building contracts between providers and customers


The value of GPUnion token is determined by the amount of computing power in GPUnion ecosystem

How GPUnion's tokens are distributed?

Aiming at attracting more GPU miners to get fairly engagement in GPUnion ecosystem, GPUnion tokens are mined in our x16r based anti-ASIC chain called GPUnion Token Distribution Chain before being reflected to the mainnet. Token in GPUnion Token Distribution Chain will be swapped to the same amount of GUT in the main net. We are NOT and will NOT distribute GUTs via any sort of Initial Coin Offering.

Minable GUT95
Operating Expense5

Token Allocation

95% of GUT are available to mine.
5% of GUT are pre-mined. They are kept as operating expense, among which 96% is reserved and locked for the future use, 4% for the system development.

Provider Experiences

Providers can switch between mining mode and provider mode in GPUnion's system. The minimum mining profit and 5X extra GUTs are rewarded during provider mode.

Customer Experiences

With P2P network infrastructure, GPUnion provides once-click SSH into the chosen provider's docker container with solid credential.

Data Analysis

Tensorflow Performance

Nvidia 1080Ti is 3 times as fast as Tesla K80 in machine learning in our tensorflow performance benchmark test

1080 Ti 2.7minibatch/sec 100%
1070 1.7minibatch/sec 63%
AWS P2 0.9minibatch/sec 33%

Provider Profit vs Mining Profit

1080 Ti Provider $0.6625 100%
GTX 1070 Provider $0.38125 60%
GTX 1060 Provider $0.2875 45%
1080 Ti Mining $0.1325 20%
GTX 1070 Mining $0.07625 12%
GTX 1060 Mining $0.0575 9%

User Cost

In GPUnion ecosystem, costs are 80% cheaper than current market prices

AWS P2(K80) $0.9 100%
K80 from GPUnion $0.18 20%

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world from establishing a sharing computing power platform. With our cutting edge technology and brightest professionals, we are dedicated to help both businesses and individuals scale and grow through redistributing computing resources to more valuable projects, including machine learning, rendering, scientific calculating and other tasks that rely on GPUs.


This timeline details our development goals.

  • July 5 2018

    GPUnion Token Distribution Chain release

  • Q3-Q4 2018

    Whitepaper Release

    GPUnion DVM Release

    Exchange Listing

  • Q1-Q2 2019

    GUT Token Swap in mainnet

  • Q3-Q4 2019

    GPUnion DVM mainnet release

  • Q4 2019

    GPUnioin ML testnet Release

  • Q1 2020

    GPUnion ML mainnet release

    GPUnion Fog testnet release

  • Q2 2020

    GPUnion Fog integrated with IPFS

    GPUnion Rendering testnet release

  • Q3 2020

    GPUnion Fog mainnet release

    GPUnion Rendering mainnet release

  • Future

    More DAPPs coming


ICO is not an ideal way to attract real GPU miners. The x16r hash algorithm based blockchain ensures GUT to distribute evenly across the entire mining community.

Token swapping is two-step process. First, take a snapshot on GPUnion Token Distribution Chain block at a given height ; Second, airdrop equivalent amount of GUTs tokens to the mapped address owners on the mainnet. Since GPUnion Token Distribution Chain is only used for distribution purpose, the ecosystem will be operated on a major chain that supports smart contract. The token swap will take place on Q1-Q2, 2019, just before the first application GPUnion Alpha’s release.

The final decision will be announced after evaluating the performances and feedbacks from our testing DApp on both ETH and EOS networks. Customer insights will always be the first priority for GPUnion.